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Earn Passive Income Now!
It’s as simple as… 1, 2, 3

Connect with local/non-local teams and groups

Introduce the bed sheet fundraiser to them

Assist with set up and order submission

How it works:

  1. You connect with teams, schools, gyms, groups and churches and introduce them to Cloud 9 Fundraising.
  2. We provide marketing materials for groups that would like to sign up.
  3. Help them set up, set prices and get an online portal set up.
  4. Distribute adequate kits for all participants.

Once the fundraiser is completed:

  1. Submit the orders for processing.
  2. Claim your commission.

How Do I Get Paid

1. Receive a bonus for the first 5 groups you setup with
Cloud 9.


2. For each order submitted from your customers,  you will receive a commission.

3. Commission gradually increases with order totals.

4. There are no commitments to order size or hours.
There is, however, a commitment of care and integrity.

Why this would be the perfect fit for you…

You know it works!
Sell something you believe in and are passionate about.
We do most of the work.
You are there as the matchmaker and facilitator.

Connect with people you know already.
Help groups in ways you never would have been able to.
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