About Cloud 9 Fundraising

Here at Cloud 9 Fundraising, we’re passionate about what we do. There’s nothing we love more than helping worthwhile organizations achieve their goals.

We strongly believe in two things:

  1. That household items fundraisers are the fastest, easiest, and most profitable way to reach your fundraising goals.
  2. That we are the best company out there to help you run your fundraiser.

We talk a lot about point #1 on our website — about the high profit margins and no up-front fees. But what about point #2?

Why should you choose Cloud 9 to run your fundraiser?

Simply put, because we have more.

More variety. More sizes. More colors. More high-quality household items, at lower prices than other fundraising companies can afford to offer.

sheet sets

How can we manage that, you might be wondering?

It all started with our bedding fundraisers.

We’re part of one of the largest bed sheet manufacturers in the U.S. You’ll find our sheets being used all over the country — by nationwide hotels, Fortune 500 companies, brick-and-mortar retailers, and more! We have over 100,000 square feet of warehouses in New York, New Jersey, and Los Angeles. Each warehouse is equipped with state-of-the-art systems to ensure speedy delivery. This massive inventory also means that we always have plenty of stock, so your buyers won’t have to worry about any backorders.

Simply put, we have more to offer because

We have more resources and more experience than our competitors.

But don’t worry. Even though some of the biggest companies in the world trust us to supply their bedding, we still make sure to give our utmost attention and care to every single order—even if it’s just a simple set of pillowcases.

More recently, by popular demand, we’ve started to add other household items to our fundraiser catalog. Now you can keep having profitable fundraisers more often and catering to different audiences.


Why People Trust
Cloud 9 For Their Fundraisers

More Profit

With a traditional candy bar fundraiser, on average you can earn $2-$3 per sale. But with a Cloud 9 Fundraiser, you’ll make up to $20 for every product you sell, dramatically increasing your profit margins and giving your organization the funds it needs to succeed.

Great Products

Here at Cloud 9 Fundraising, we offer more — more choices, more inventory, more colors, more sizes, and more great products than the competition. We never run out of stock, and we never stop improving our products to make sure your next fundraiser is even more profitable than the last one.

No Risk

When you choose Cloud 9 for your fundraiser, there’s absolutely zero risk for you. There are no up-front costs, no hidden fees, no order minimums, and no commitments…which means you’ll never lose money and you’ll never be stuck with more products than you can sell.

Trust Our “Rest Assured” Guarantee

Our high-quality products speak for themselves, which is why we’re not afraid to offer our “Rest Assured” guarantee on every single article you buy:

Love it, or we’ll make things right by you.

If you experience a manufacturing fault with one of our products, just contact our team of professional customer service reps and they will make sure you are satisfied.

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